Save space on your board and enjoy even more immersive gameplay with this standup texture pack made up of 6 Stronghold Doors, 6 Divine Protection Walls, 2 Frozen Effect stands, 3 Blind Effect stands, and 1 Time & Space stand. Each set comes with 19 clear 1 inch round plastic bases that securely holds each piece.

These aftermarket, handcrafted elements were designed and produced by us, the creators of The Unseen "You Have Been Chosen" as something we wanted and enjoy playing with. This texture pack makes the game even more immersive as they're made to scale (standing at just over 2" tall after assembling). These are packaged and sold separately from the game.

Pieces fit in the original game box along with dice for easy storage!

Strongholds & Effects Texture Pack

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Black Craft Foam 2mm Thick

    Full Color Permanent Vinyl Stickers w/ Matt Finish to Seal & Protect

    Clear Plastic 1" Round Stands