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      Fear,It hovers over you like a vulture and fills you with thoughts of worthlessness. As the screaming gets louder in your mind, you feel forced to believe that you are not able to do anything worthwhile. It slashes and claws at your spirit, attempting to kill your strength. Fear is an offensive creature and isn’t afraid to get in your face, ever screaming, “Your not Loved! You have no friends! No one can understand you!”

        As they flock together their screeches get louder and louder, swarming over very aspect of your life. Pecking and clawing, they attempt to tare you away from others; Isolation is its goal.

       Ever-present  they dig their talons into your shoulders and back, firing an endless barrage of hateful lies into your ears until you are afraid and suspicious of everyone and everything.

        Their orders are to cripple you, causing you stumble into a pit of despair; fearfull to even leave your houses while you are crushed beneath its muffling paranoia.

        Wielders  we must take our fight to this enemy, face -to- face; banishing them from our lives. The only thing this hatfule flock backs down from is the Bladed Truth, and we have to hit them with it right between the eyes with it. Then we ‘ll watch them turn & flee in a panic, as they desperately attempt to pull the fiery blades from their skulls.

"For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

2 Timothy 1:7 (KJV)

Counselor of Fear, Monarch from The Unseen game.
Counselor of Fear, Monarch from The unseen Game
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