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Welcome to


Sea   of Glass


Guardian Angel from The Unseen game.


Fast-Paced, Competitive, 

2-6 Player, Team-Based Game Modes

 60-90 min each 

(more players =

longer game sessions)

All New Character

Skills & Abilities

Giving players a completely different feel of gameplay & movement from the Base Rules of The Unseen.   


Hours Of Replay Value

Never the same game twice.

4 Different

Games Modes To Play 

~ Storm of Pages 

~ Tested Armor 

~ Time, Talent & Treasure

~ Lantern Chasers

+ the freedom to create your own games



This is where you will test each other's strength & wisdom as you clash Word, Fire, Metal & Shield  against one another. Face off in combat, sharpen each other's skills & be Refined in a series of fast paced games built to test your ability to take on the ever present Darkness roaming The Unseen.

        The Sea of Glass  is a safe haven, no darkness can enter here. Its location is hidden away, setting up high & encased inside a prism of storms; far away from the world of consuming shadows.

The floor of this arena is a living, moving thing, made of fresh water shifting in a perpetual state of motion, forming the appearance & density of solid glass. The walls of the sea are bursting with energy in a display of colorful, but intimidating storms of light & lined with silver & precious uncut gems pulsing with electricity.

The Sea of Glass contains six colored Thunder Chambers that can transport you from point to point across the sea in a flash & are controlled in a game of chance and skill. Understand, you can’t be hurt or burdened in this place. If you are struck by an opposing team member, you are not harmed. Instead, you are instantly encased within a bright cloud of words before being dispersed at the speed of thought to one of the six colored Thunder Chambers, where you will be refined & strengthened, gaining a new skill to come back at your opponent stronger than you were before.

Let the Games Begin!

"In your strength I can crush an army; with my God I can scale any wall."

Psalm 18:29

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