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Class: Discerner

Occupation:  Concert Violinist & Fencing Instructor

Personality:Playful, Fiery & Encouraging

Combat Style:Kate is efficient in all weapon types, but her weapon of choice is song. This enhances

her ability to keep people encouraged even in the darkest of times through a radiant storm of sound & Holy Fire.

     Aria’s view of life is simple: “One note can change the world, no matter how small.” The universal language of music is her joy and fuels her passion in life. Aria is an inspiring person to be around; every word she speaks is an encouraging and uplifting sound to all she meets.

     In the midst of an ugly domestic fight between neighbors, Aria suffered an injury that resulted in the loss of her hearing. As she pondered the events that took one of her most precious senses, her heart broke not for herself but for the people she had tried to help.

     Because of her selflessness, The God of Heaven’s Armies granted her favor and restored her hearing. And with that healing she was granted great power to bring her gift of song & Light to the darkness of the Unseen. Aria was given the ability to travel through the vibrations of Light and sound at the speed of thought. She’s able to pull people out of danger by creating portals through the Living Word. When Aria wields her songs, it is a devastating strike to the heart of darkness, as each note manifests into a flurry of elemental attacks which are pulled straight from the Throne of Creation.

     To the ones who love their King, these sounds are a dazzling display of beauty, Light and power. But to the Darkness, it’s the earth-shattering battle cry of the destruction that is to come. Aria is a living, breathing, beautiful storm of songs—and the Darkness reveres her as a force to be reckoned with.

I will shout for joy and sing your praises, for you have ransomed me.

Psalms 71:23 (NLT) 

Aria, Word Wielder from The Unseen game.
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