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Class: Discerner

Occupation: Bookstore Owner & Former Fire Chief

Personality: Intuitive, Selfless & Clever

Combat Style:Kyle is well rounded in all forms of weaponry. He’s able to be in three different

places at once by slipping though Time & Space in the spiritual realm. “Man, he’s a hard one to keep up with!”

     “One of the best fire chiefs the city has ever seen.” That’s what they used to say about Kyle Knight. But regrettably, he just couldn't do it anymore.

     Stepping down after three years of being plagued by nightmares felt like the only way to make the torture cease. The sight of the victims lost in that devastating apartment explosion constantly flashed in the forefront of his mind. Consumed by guilt, he blamed himself, despite having tried his best to save them. The smells and the sound of screams blended with sirens ruthlessly haunted his spirit.

     One night, Kyle had a violent face-off with these rancorous demons, and in the midst of his rage, was rescued from himself through a soul-rattling intervention. Kyle was forcibly pulled into a dark world outside of the fabric of our existence—a place that he never imagined could possibly exist. As he looked through the timeless black nightmare of life without, he discovered a small Voice that led him to witness the birth of all time and space in a single moment. This infinite explosion of reality forced Kyle to realize he wasn't alone in his suffering. Charged by this burning Truth, Kyle became a Word Wielder: a Warrior of the Unseen. The guilt of his past was no more, and he was then blessed with the power of perception, abounding knowledge, and uncanny speed. 

     Kyle now has the ability to be in three points of time and space in one moment, allowing him to deal with events through the Spirit before they happen. The Giver of this power charged Kyle with defending and fighting for those who suffer in dark places as he had. Now, with every swift strike, he sends a message to the Darkness that our King is bringing the fight to their doorsteps. Their time is up, and we’re coming to burn down their detestable Strongholds, once and for all!

My times are in thy hand: deliver me from the hand of mine enemies, and from them that persecute me.

Psalms 31:15  (KJV)

Kyle Knight, Word Wielder from The Unseen game.
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